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  • SOTA Wheels

    BMF Wheels has created a truly unique and performance-driven line of 4x4 wheels and 4x4 rims for the off-road and lifted truck wheel enthusiast. BMF Wheels features an innovative fusion of forged wheel styling with cast wheel technology. Our truck wheels are industry leading in design, strength and fitment. All BMF wheels feature aggressive and bold designs for 4x4 rims and truck wheels with PVD, Stealth and "Death Metal" black finishes. Every BMF wheel is manufactured using a proprietary multi-axis CNC machining process. These ground-breaking innovations produce a true three-dimensional look that is second to none for 4x4 truck wheels and custom rims. All BMF custom truck wheels are engineered to exploit the longest and straightest rim lip possible, and are all TPMS sensor compatible to meet OE specifications for your lifted truck. BMF Wheel fitments are specifically designed for the new Toyota Tundra, Jeep JK in addition to Nissan Titan, half-ton Chevy, GMC and Cadillac trucks & SUV truck rims, half-ton Ford & Lincoln trucks & SUV's and all three-quarter and one-ton applications, plus many other applications including 4x4 truck rims. BMF Wheel fitments are rims for trucks that are absolutely perfect for an aggressive fit on lifted trucks and leveled trucks using all-terrain and mud-terrain tires. There are six styles to choose from in 17, 18, 20, 22 and 24 inch diameters

  • Fuel Wheels
    Fuel Wheels Fuel Off-road manufactures the most advanced off-road wheels, offering the latest in design and engineering innovations on the market.Fuel Off-Road offers the wleays popular 1 piece cast steels wheel in Chrome, Black and Black and Machined finishes. With the recent release of the Fuel 2 piece designs and dually wheels MHT has taken it to the next level!
  • Hostile Wheels
    Hostile Wheels Hostile Trucks specializes in building custom truck wheels, truck rims, off road wheels, off road rims and SUV wheels for the off road truck and SUV enthusiast. Hostile Wheels are available in a Armor Plate PVD finish, Asphalt black finish, Blade Cut black and machined finish and the all new Cobalt finish! Truckwurx is a factory direct authorized dealer for Hostile Wheels!
  • American Force

    American Force Wheels are specifically designed and created for each customer application in a variety of styles and finishes. The 19-inch and 19.5-inch wheels conveniently direct bolt-on require no modifications at all to your suspension. Additionally, American Force Wheels is the only company that offers a true 20-inch, 22-inch, 24-inch and 26-inch dually wheel. American Force Wheels 22-inch, 24-inch and 26-inch dually wheels are not modified, providing truck owners safety and long tire life.. Sizes include: 19” Direct Bolt-On • 19.5” Direct Bolt-On • 20” • 22” • 22.5” • 24” • 24.5” • 26” Super Single Wheels – American Force Wheels offers super single wheels in a variety of applications and design configurations for both all-terrain and mud-terrain use.

  • RBP Wheels
    RBP Wheels RBP Southern California truck accessory company offers a wide variety of truck custom wheels for Chevy Trucks, GMC Trucks, Ford Trucks, Dodge Trucks, Toyota Trucks, Nissan Trucks. The Rolling Big Power truck wheels offer a quick and easy way to give your truck an insane custom look.
  • Forgiato

    Forgiato continues to remain ahead of the curve with new and innovative technology that continues to move us rapidly into the future. Designed, cut, and finished in Los Angeles California, Forgiato remains committed to the superiority of All-American manufacturing and production. We firmly believe that the most effective and efficient means to ensure unmatched quality and design is to guarantee all of our product is fully constructed and assembled in the United States of America, sourcing only American made parts, utilizing only American product. Each made to order wheel is an exact reflection of the unique customers we build them for.

    Forgiato Products are available In Store.

    Not Available Online must Call 800-910-9497 to order.

  • Specialty Forged

    Upgrade your vehicle, get Specialty Forged wheels. Countless hours of design and engineering mean your new wheels are as bold as they are durable. All of our wheels are a direct bolt on and are built to your vehicle’s specifications. Specialty Forged: Crafted for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts.

  • VV Concepts Lug Nuts

    V&V Concepts is proud to offer this original Spiked Lug Nut design Made 100% in the United States. Unlike competitor Spiked Lug Nuts, V&V Concepts' Lug Nuts are not made of Plastic components. This unique design is offered for a great variety of rim sizes and vehicles but is intended for the more extreme customized Off-Road Vehicles and Custom Trucks.

    These Spiked Lug Nuts are designed to be very stylish yet rugged. They are a great addition to any Truck Customization regardless of style and type. The design fits with anything you decide to add to your vehicles. 

    Not only are these Spiked Lug Nuts designed to incorporate functionality with style, they also come in the most elegant colors. These Spiked Lug Nuts have been designed with an Extreme Modification Mindset. Careful Craftsmanship has been employed to ensure the result is a high quality product.