Truckwurx has expanded it's LED product line to cater to many different industries, we haven't forgotten our roots. LED Lighting is the choice for many automotive / off-road racing teams as well as weekend warriors, due to the quality and industry leading light output. 

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  • Rigid Industries

    Inside Rigid’s LEDs

    According to Rigid, they design their lights with the best LEDs they can source; “We only buy from the highest output and most pure white LEDs available.”, says Steve Adams of Rigid Industries.

    Rigid recognizes the importance of including aluminum heat sinks to cool the electronics prolonging the longevity of the LEDs, and preventing their diminishing output. Housings are IP68 sealed and 100 percent waterproof, and the polycarbonate lens is coated with a UV inhibitor to prevent any discoloration or yellowing and is impact and scratch resistant.

    Rigid Industries Optics

    As any light vendor will tell you the reflector or “optic” is one of the most critical components to the proper function of a light. The optic can affect the focus, projection, and spread of light. Rigid has developed two patented  optic families to suit the various needs of automotive enthusiasts.

    Rigid Lens Options 

    Beyond optics that reflect the light are lenses that filter and further effect the delivery of the beam. Diffusion lenses offer extremely wide, soft-edged fill light to a broad 60 degree area. Such a lens is perfect for lighting a work space where you need consistent, wide coverage without hotspots. New to the Rigid Industries lighting range is their Clarilux Optical System; a smooth beam pattern projected at a wide 45 degree horizontal spread but limited to low ground (4 degree tall) for use as a fog light where a high beam would blind the driver by illuminating fog or other particles in the air. This lens can be found on Rigid’s SAE Compliant Fog Lights and Auxiliary High Beam Driving Lights.

  • Rough Country Lighting

    The sun never sets on a vehicle equipped with Rough Country's sleek LED Light Bars. This LED light is a sight to behold. This all-inclusive kit features an IP67 Waterproof design with a durable, die-cast aluminum housing and included mounting brackets. Includes our 3 year warranty!

  • PIAA

    PIAA Corporation was established in 1963 with the commitment to manufacture world-class driving lights that our customers could use with pride and confidence. Today, PIAA upholds that commitment by combining market driven concepts with the latest technology to make night, inclement weather, and off-road driving as safe as possible. Research and Development is at the heart of what PIAA does, and we take it very seriously. PIAA’s R&D technicians continually raise the bar on visibility products. The PIAA design process is simplistic in nature and has never varied since the founding of the company in 1963: Make the best products possible, and never compromise. PIAA has taken these same values and expanded the business to from driving lights to fog lights and high out put replacement bulbs. Today PIAA is leading the way in the off road market with the new developments in their proprietary LED technology, as well as Xenon performance.