Banks Power Economind Stinger With Banks-IQ Fits 2006-2007 GM 6.6L LLY LBZ 63857 View larger

Banks Power Economind Stinger With Banks-IQ Fits 2006-2007 GM 6.6L LLY LBZ 63857


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Banks Power Economind Stinger With Banks-IQ Fits 2006-2007 GM 6.6L LLY LBZ 63857

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Banks Power Economind Stinger With Banks-IQ Fits 2006-2007 GM 6.6L LLY LBZ 63857

EconoMind Diesel Tuner & Banks iQ


Banks iQ upgrade


A real piece of work.
EconoMind is built for work. Whether you get the Stinger or PowerPack calibration (+75 hp/+145 lb-ft or +100 hp/+193 lb-ft), you've got the goods to haul the goods! With its comprehensive fuel tuning, CleanTune Technology and six levels of adjust-on-the-fly power, EconoMindquickens your 40-60 mph towing acceleration by over four seconds!

Works to improve your MPG, too.
EconoMind calibrates the engine to consume less fuel at any power level. You'll get better fuel economy under all load conditions. As a result, it pays for itself over time.

Honors the host vehicle instead of destroying it.
Many tuners reduce fuel delivery as exhaust gas temps rise. But they ignore the powertrain! Banks finds the limits of the engine and powertrain, then adds mission-critical ActiveSafety safeguards to EconoMind so it will live within those limits. Result: safe, reliable power-and lots of it.

It's pure genius: Banks iQ? Dashboard PC.
Banks iQ is the most advanced vehicle user interface device ever created! Use it for total control of your EconoMind Tuner and/or Banks SpeedBrake. You even have the option to control them both from the same screen. Switch power levels and/or brake safety settings on-the-fly. Monitor EGT, coolant temps and a vast array of other engine parameters. Time performance runs. Scan/define/clear vehicle diagnostic codes. Its computer functions let you open and read your Microsoft Office documents. Work with the on-screen keyboard and calculator, watch videos, view pictures, listen to your favorite music, and much more. Banks iQ is so useful, you'll want to take it everywhere. With its rechargeable battery and out-of-vehicle portability, you can!

All gains measured at the rear wheels, with recommended airflow improvements.

System Includes:


Banks iQ


  • Controls Banks diesel tuner and/or SpeedBrake?
  • Big 5" full-color touch-screen display
  • Interchangeable gauge display ? change screens/colors
  • Read & Clear Codes
  • 1?4, 1?8 mile & 0-60 performance testing
  • Multi-media playback (music, video games, pictures)
  • View your Microsoft Office documents on the go...and much more!

Banks iQ


The Banks iQ is a True In-Car PC Packed Full of Functions and Applications for Use Inside and Outside of Your Vehicle.
No other device on the market can match what we've put into the Banks iQ. This powerful micro-computer lets you know the inner workings of your vehicle's ECU letting you see what's beyond your dashboard gauges. You select what you want to see and how you want to see it. Set alarms, adjust gauge colors, read and clear codes, log data, and find out how quick your vehicle really is. You'll find yourself using the host of useful built-in tools in your daily life. You'll listen to your favorite tunes, watch videos, play games, review your Microsoft Office documents and more. It's PC power that fits in the palm of your hand, and with a rechargeable battery you can take it with you wherever you go. Compared to Banks iQ, other vehicle interfaces on the market are one-dimensional toys with an umbilical cord to your dashboard.

Banks iQ environments

Now you can plug in a Banks Diesel Tuner and/or Banks SpeedBrake? and use the 5" color touch screen Banks iQ for adjusting power levels, controlling your downhill cruising speed, adjusting the braking intensity, custom tuning numerous performance parameters, measuring vehicle performance, reading your altitude and GPS corrected speed, and more all on the fly!

Banks iQ is compatible with all Banks tuners and SpeedBrake

Banks iQ features

The best news? Banks iQ is fully expandable and upgradable. Things like our growing stable of optional micro-computer controlled add-on performance and safety peripherals like: nitrous control, a true on-board dyno system, water/methanol injection, boost control, air density meter, air/fuel ratio meter, propane injection, TransCommand and more will pave the way for options beyond your dreams. You'll always be able to run the latest software and download a host of new programs as they become available, too!

In addition to the host of built-in Automotive Tools, the Banks iQ features pre-loaded Productivity and Entertainment applications.


-Playback of MP3, WMA & WAV files
-Basic playback controls such as play, pause, stop, next and previous
-Playback includes repeat (repeat track/all/off), normal sequence
-Play list support

-Supports JPEG/BMP/PND format
-Implement operations, such as slide show, view, rotate, delete
-Rotate photos clockwise and counter-clockwise
-Delete photos

-View text, books or documents saved in TXT format
-Supports ANSI, Unicode and UTF-8 coding formats

-Supports MPEG-1, MP4, AVI, WMV, ASF, 3GP, and DivX format files
-Basic playback controls such as play, pause, stop, next and previous
-Switch two functions between full screen and standard screen freely
-Play list support

-Choose from three pre-installed games: FreeCell, Connect and Solitaire 
-Launch compatible Windows CE game formats (from desktop)



-Start work with any of the pre-installed applications on your Banks iQ in a familiar environment
-Manage your files: load, save or delete

-Use the stylus and virtual keyboard to type and save notes
-Open up Word documents, make and save changes

-Use the number pad to enter and perform mathematical calculations

-View stored documents created in Excel

-View and sort images stored on the device, micro SD card, or USB thumb drive (each sold separately)
-View images individually or as a slide show
-Rotate, cut, crop, adjust hue, change the brightness and resize your photos
-Save your changes

-View documents stored as PDF files

-View stored PowerPoint documents & presentations

You'll always be able to run the latest software & download new programs as they become available - making the Banks iQ the smart choice.

on-screen alerts


Banks iQ Travel Case Speaker System

Banks iQ speaker caseSystem includes travel case with integrated speakers, detachable carrying strap, and carabiner clip.

- The hard shell case provides 
physical protection for the Banks iQ.

- Clear, undistorted sound even 
at higher volumes

- 15 hrs on 2AA alkaline 
batteries (not included)

A custom-designed travel companion for your Banks iQ, the new Travel Case has built-in stereo speakers to provide clear, undistorted sound even at higher volumes. It's the ideal portable speaker system to compliment your iQ, securely storing and protecting your electronic device when you're on the go. Fully compatible with other devices such as MP3 players, computers, and cell phones, the Banks iQ Travel Case is designed to operate for 15 hours on two AA alkaline batteries. Fits in your briefcase, or can be carried using a handy clip-on shoulder strap. Note: Banks iQ and the travel case are sold separately.