Truck Maintenance at TruckX

We perform a full range of works for trucks from tire fitting and scheduled maintenance to engine overhaul. We accept trucks, trailers, construction and special equipment, buses Kenworth, Freightliner, International, Western Star, Mack, Autocar, Tesla and other automakers.

Truck Service

We understand how important it is for commercial vehicles to be in good working order. The client’s business directly depends on it, because every day of vehicle downtime means lost profits, penalties for broken contracts and dissatisfied customers. That is why it is so important to come in time for scheduled maintenance and truck repair at the TruckX service center. Having stopped by the service station in time, you will take care of your car and eliminate minor faults, thus insuring yourself against breakdowns on the way, accidents and other troubles.

TruckX truck service station is:

  • 24/7 operation (washing and oil change)
  • Comprehensive service
  • New and contract parts
  • High quality of work and service
  • Reasonable prices for truck service, clear pricing
  • High speed of work, strict adherence to deadlines
  • Rest rooms, showers, cafe, guarded parking lot for trucks
  • Individual approach to the client.

Maintenance from “A” to “Z” – Truckwurx St Charles

We provide a full range of services. Here you can change engine oil, change tires, repair the car after an accident, repair the engine and other parts of the vehicle. Our truck service center is equipped with everything necessary for maintenance of trucks, tankers, grain carriers, container trucks and other commercial vehicles: technical pits, elevators, stands, paint booths, diagnostic equipment. There is a large selection of new and contract spare parts and consumables in stock.

Three reasons to become our client:

  • Comprehensive approach to each client
  • We adhere to the promises and deadlines agreed with the client
  • We provide guarantees for the work performed

Some services are provided around the clock (washing, tire fitting, oil change).

Comfort and safety of your car

On the territory of the station “TruckX” there is a parking lot for commercial vehicles. It is fenced around the perimeter, there is lighting, a checkpoint at the entrance and exit of vehicles for truck repair and maintenance. There are comfortable rest rooms and showers for drivers, a cafe is open. While the specialists of the service center will be working on the vehicle, the staff of your company will have a rest before leaving for the route.

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