HUNDRED “TruckX” provides repair services for trucks MAN, MAZ-MAN, MAZ, Mercedes-Benz and others, as well as the running gear of trailer equipment. We work without weekends.

Engine Repair

We carry out repair of truck engines of any complexity, including milling of seats under the liner.

Transmission Repair

Our truck service station provides quality repair of manual transmissions of trucks with a guarantee on services.

Suspension Repair

To increase the service life, reliability and safety of operation, we offer diagnostics and repair of one of the main elements of the chassis of the car – suspension.

Repair of Electrical Equipment

We perform diagnostics and repair of car electrical equipment, engine management systems, antilock systems, etc.

Undercarriage Repair

The undercarriage of the vehicle is the most prone to wear and tear, so for safety on the road, it is necessary to timely diagnose and repair the undercarriage of trucks.

Repair of Trailers and Semitrailers

Maintenance and repair of cargo trailers and semi-trailers. It may concern chassis, hitch elements, pneumatic equipment and electrical equipment.